Crear la vida que deseas

por J Douglas Bottorff


We often think that to create a life of love, our task is to have a positive development after another, ensartarlos together and display our collection of events as evidence that our life works. The problem with this approach is that we can not always control events, sometimes our life takes a turn in directions that seem anything but positive.

From the spiritual point of view, the quality of life has less to do with what happens to us and the way we experience the event. If you look deeply, you can have a positive experience in the midst of a seemingly negative event. You can find strength and courage you never knew you had. You can find peace in the midst of the fury of the storm. You can find the strength to replace your fear. An example of what I mean.

At the boundaries between Utah and Arizona, Lake Powell man, a lake 186 miles long on the Colorado River was made. Its sapphire waters are placed in a maze of red canyons and pink dotted with pictographs and ruins of the Native American civilizations dating back thousands of years. The combination of these features makes this water body a work of mystical beauty that can not be adequately expressed in words.

Adventure Awaits

While most people who visit the lake does so with great power boats or houseboats, I was fascinated with the stories of those who explored its 2,000 miles using kayaks. When my wife and I bought kayaks equipped with sails and outriggers for stability, we decided that this was a good way to introduce ourselves to Lake Powell.

We load our kayaks with enough food and supplies for five days and sailed to an arm of the lake known as the Moqui Canyon. There, in complete solitude, for a warm, clear water and flaming red canyon walls, camped on a sandy peninsula-an absolute paradise surrounded.

However, this particular version of paradise was not without its dangers. Along with the incredible beauty, Powell is known for its fierce winds and deadly waves. Knowing that the wind blows in the afternoon, we set sail early and sailed without incident to our camp.

Change of Heart

The next day the weather was not so good. By the afternoon the wind blew so hard I thought I was going to fly our camp. Normally I do not think in these terms, but the wind seemed almost demonic, as if some evil power was throwing each burst with a destructive force greater than the last. I felt threatened, isolated and vulnerable as a cricket in a stampede. I began to think we had made a serious error in coming to this place.

The wind continued unabated until the evening, whistling eerily and filling the tent and sleeping bags that looked pink sand dust. The morning was calmer, but something told me that this was a peace that would last. I had a feeling we could be trapped and unable to go as planned, so I flagged down a passing boat and agreed to get us out of there the next morning if conditions continued threatening.

That afternoon, the wind roared back. But just as the wind roared higher, something strange happened. All my fear suddenly dissolved, so much so that instead of seeking shelter, climbed some high rocks and watched the amazing view of the wind shaking the water surface.

Then, an idea that would have seemed crazy hours before began to form in my mind. We needed to ride on our kayaks and tackle this beast headwind. To minimize resistance, remove the masts and sails, but left the side floats, which made it almost impossible for kayaks will flip.

Strength from within

In addressing facing the gale, I discovered the thrill of knowing that I was not caught, and that despite what the wind was doing, we could leave the gun according to the schedule. There, amid the fierce wind and turbulent water discovered that my be the size of cricket had been replaced by a new wave of courage and confidence.

That night, the wind blew for the last time and peace was restored. I sat by the fire under a blanket of stars amazing and I wrote the following in my diary:

Here I faced a fear and I feel good about it. He wanted to escape this  terrible wind up called him evil é, but it was not. He gave shape and character to all this amazing scenery. Now it has given me so me too. When I returned in full fury, I chickened out before him like a slave to his master; sailed toward him, demanding to give everything I had. I had changed.

It's amazing what fear can do to do. You can reduce both our vision and isolate ourselves from our inner resources we are willing to give up the things we want to accomplish. Across that same day, I made the following observation:

It occurs to me, sitting under the vast canopy of stars, com fear is that  the beam of a flashlight. When the flashlight is turned on you only see the narrow area that the light illuminates. Turn off the flashlight, look up and you can see the universe.

Raise our quality of life as a process starts off the torch, so to speak, to let go of our addiction to the narrow and artificial lightning and allow our spiritual eyes to adjust to the vast expansion of our inner strength and very real. Making this shift from external to internal is the key to achieving the life you want.